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Touristic attractions of Jamaica
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Your vacations in Jamaica


Jamaica is an island nation of the Greater Antilles. It’s 234 km in length and as much as 80 km in width, amounting to 11,100 km². It’s situated in the Caribbean Sea, about 145 km south of Cuba and 190 km west of Haiti, on the island of Hispaniola, shared with the Dominican Republic. Jamaica is the third largest island and the fourth largest country in the Caribbean

Jamaica’s indigenous Arawakan-speaking Taíno inhabitants originally named the island Xaymaca, meaning the "Land of Wood and Water" or the "Land of Springs".

Formerly a Spanish possession known as Santiago, it later became the British Crown Colony of Jamaica. With 2.8 million people, it’s the third most populous Anglophone country in North America, after the United States and Canada. It remains part of the British Commonwealth, with Queen Elizabeth II as its Head of State. Jamaica’s capital is Kingston.

Internationally celebrated reggae musician Bob Marley was born in Jamaica and his legacy is very much respected there.

Official language

The official language of Jamaica is English. However, Jamaicans speak an English-African creole known as Jamaican patois.


Jamaican Dollar


110 volts, 50 cycles


Visitors can find good bargains at duty-free shops in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. Shop for cameras, jewelry and perfume. You can also buy batik, wood carvings and straw goods.

Useful information

Local dishes tend to be spicy. So be careful.